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Première: 06 June 2013

Tour:  Summer 2013/ Fall 2014


Music: Symphony 25 - Andante/ Allegro - W. A. Mozart

Dancers - Crosstown DH: Ellen Dorrestein, Charissa Banwari, Zahira Sulliman, Saskia Crefcoeur, Sasha Marusheva, Ingrid Hartgers, Kenji van Nieuwenhuizer, Feri Dissiz

Costume Design/ Costumière: Jookje Zweedijk

Light Design: Bas Vissers

Production: Nathalie Décory/ Korzo Producties/ Crosstown DH




  In this piece Calixto uses two movements from Mozart's Symphony 25, one of his two "Sturm und Drang" pieces - the term stands for a rather violent artistic reaction against the norms of society and other art movements during the second half of 18th century . In Troublemakers he combines the youthful, fresh, anarchic and non-conformist raw energy of the young dancers to the powerful drive of the composition. It is an "homage" to all the rule breakers and to those who cause a good deal of equally good and necessary trouble .


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