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SUMMA 2 - fotograaf Joris-Jan Bos - Korz

© Joris-Jan Bos


- in a nutshell - 

     Dance cannot be seen as an isolated affair, as in my view self-reflexive art forms narrow their own perspective.

Like any relevant art expression, it is the result of forms of living and all their expressions.

It derives from the incessant human need of building up semantics which trespasses the barriers of ordinary and logical communication.

It does not belong entirely to our times, and neither should be an exclusive expression of past or a pretentious attempt to define the future.

   Its core is as timeless as everything that composes the complexity of human existence.

It is not reduced to its own codes, but as expansive as our endless ability to re-create our realities.

It happens within the void existent between the visible and the unseen and, therefore, establishes its own logic.

It is an art form that should see human beings not as isolated entities, but as part of a bigger scheme. 

      This larger structure – call it universe, nature, or anything else beyond definition – represents the mystery that has taken mankind through an endless quest for truth.

And, like many others, I choose to make this quest through art.




INTERVIEW/ DOCUMENTARY - Dutch National Television NTR/ NPO



Reflecting on what would be the principles of my work, I have stated ten touchstones on which I base its essence. 

These touchstones are personal and genuine. 

They claim  and they stand:


I - For a state of alertness against self-indulgence

II - For clarity on the face of abstraction

III - For simplicity on the face of complexity

IV - For the acceptance of the impermanence of things

V - For the search of communication through the unknown

VI - For awareness on rejecting and adopting

VII - For a sagacious practice

VIII - For the understanding that the body is nothing by itself, but everything within the total

IX - For the seek of the timeless

X - For the sake of the nameless


A consistent work is made of revisions. In 2016 an array of experiences has brought the urge to revisit the above-cited touchstones.

Experience, practice, self-critic and a profound artistic quest called for the emergence of fresher insights. 

They now stand in the following statements:

I - The greatest artistic coherence is no fear of incoherence.

II - There is no greater specialist than the one who buries his hands in the deepest clay.

III - Responsibility is a permeable, never suppressing attitude.

IV - The most profound sociopolitical engagement escapes from the common ground of expected sociopolitical actions.

V - Every conclusion is precipitated.

VI - Artistic judgments are by-products of the obtuse.

VII - Doubt is a gift. Provoking doubt is a blessing.

VIII - To never have followers, but companions on the search.

IX - Trigger the mind to reach the spirit.

X- In due time, once ripe and fulfilled, a strong vision could and should change itself.



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