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Avant-première: 12th & 13th February 2022 - Scenario Pubblico (IT)

Première: 19th February  2022 - Schouwburg De Lawei (NL)

European Tour - February/ May 2022

Tour dates


Henry Purcell's 

Dido and Aeneas


Samir Calixto & Erika Poletto

Light Design: Pavla Beranovà

Dido  Æneas Us & All is a co-production of Matter Affects  (NL), Scenario Pubblico (IT),

Schouwburg de Lawei (NL) ,StepText Project (DE),

Dansverkstæðið (IS) & Ungmennafélag Stokkseyrar (IS)


      Take hold tightly; let go lightly. This is one of the great secrets of felicity in love. For every Romeo and Juliet tragedy arising from the external circumstances of the two parties, a thousand tragedies arise from the circumstances created by the lovers themselves. As they seldom know the moment or the way to 'take hold' of each other, so they even more rarely know the way or the moment to let go.’

A.R. Orage - On Love



       In the second half of the seventeenth-century British composer Henry Purcell wrote what was to become one of the most important operas of the baroque era. Dido and Aeneas not only represented then a milestone in the genre, but still remains a landmark in the history of music as well as in Western culture. The work, inspired by books V and VI from Virgil’s Aeneid, focuses on the tragic love history between the title characters, but yet it reaches far beyond that.

      It is by searching the limits between romantic and spiritual love in this epic work that choreographer Samir Calixto will venture through the journey of making this new piece. By looking at our eternal longing for our other half, and yet the curious paradox of one’s inevitable sense of solitude once that one is found, this new choreography will look at love from a larger spectrum: our limited vision of love which is never satisfied versus a broader, universal love which lies in mutual freedom and the comprehension of our place within a larger scheme - a theme so recurrent on the choreographer’s body of work.

      In this new piece, accepting one’s own inherent solitary state, in almost voluntary isolation, defines a personal journey of becoming a more conscious human being. Two dancers - Calixto himself and Italian dancer Erika Poletto - will venture into this physical journey where the intensity of dance will unveil what the many shades and experience of love can be, in a profound search for its utmost significance.