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Première: 25 January 2014

Opening Gala Holland Dance Festival 2014


Tour: January - March 2014


Music: "Le Sacre du Printemps" - Igor Stravinsky

(Glorification de l'élue/ Evocation des ancêtres/ Action rituelle des ancêtres/ Danse Sacrale)



Dancers - CODARTS: Sammie Hermans, Louiza Avraam, 

Ana Martins Casquilho,  Axelle de Rore, Flory Curescu, 

Alessandra Orzati, Marika Meoli, 

Alessandra Mazza, Carolina Valentini, Giulia Zavaroni, 

Julia Cambra Mompó, Francesca Ciaffoni, Cecilia Castellari, 

Laia Vancells, Leire Otamendi, Charlotte de Clercq, 

Carlo Camagni, Brecht Bovijn, Iacopo Loliva, Jakub Medrzycki, David Nigro, 

Gido van Ooijen, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Alberto Poti, Marco Rizzi, 

Gino Taytelbaum, Markus Opperman, Luigi Sardone



Costume Design: Samir Calixto

Costumière: Ayu Ariyati, Ans Kooijman

Light Design: Gerben van den Weert

Repetitor: Simon de Mombray

Production Manager: Ellen Dijkstra/ CODARTS



Taking the four last episodes from the legendary Rite of Spring as its frame, Sauvagerie confronts the young dancers’ high level of energy to the merciless and vertiginous rhythms of the music composition.

In this piece the idea of sacrifice is transformed into an offering of the dancers’ extreme physical engagement on stage.

Their primitive energy is unveiled and shaped through an intense and compact choreography in which the group – like an uncompromising mass - executes a physical ritual towards liberation.



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