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© Marianne Menke


(Part I)



Commissioned by

TanzRAUM Nord/ Of Curious Nature

Première: 17th September 2020

Schwankhalle - Bremen (DE)

Dancers: Kossi Sébastian Aholou-Wokawui, Leila Bakhtali,

Oh Chang Ik, Albert Galindo,

Jure Gostincar, Einav Kringel

Light Design & Costumes by Samir Calixto

Music: 'Die Kunst der Fuge' by J. S. Bach

Throughout the past years, choreographer Samir Calixto has developed a work that focuses on
unveiling the timeless aspects of dance through the clash between iconic cultural references and the most essential features of our existence. Classical music, literature, spirituality and philosophy are elements that often have a strong presence in his works. This time the choreographer tackles ‘Die Kunst der Fugue - one of J. S. Bach’s most seminal
works - taking it as a departure point for a more abstract exploration over those themes. The musical masterpiece, which was the composer’s last work and testament, is reputedly a composition of intricate structure and increasing complexity.
By creating the first part of IN FUGA – which will present the first half of the entire set of
compositions, formed by a series of ‘contrapunctus’ and ‘canons’- Calixto continues his dive into a universe where dance reflects the state of impermanence intrinsic to our human condition. In counterpoint to this frame, the dancers will be led to engage fully on stage by delving into a choreography which proposes an uncompromising crossing between musicality and intense physicality. In this process, humanity is revealed on stage exposing our own vulnerabilities, frailties and inherent beauty.




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