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Presentation 30 May 2024

ODEON Zwolle

Concept, Choreography: Samir Calixto


Studies I - Camilla Montesi, Cristina Comiso, Erika Poletto, Samir Calixto and Thibault Desaules

Studies II - Dancers from CZD2 - Scenario Pubblico (IT)

Music; Excerpts from 'Die Rosenkranzsonaten' by H.I.F. Biber

The BIBER STUDIES are the first series of choreographic investigations on The Rosary
Sonatas (Die Rosenkranzsonaten), also known as the Mystery Sonatas, an important work by
Bohemian-Austrian composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber constituting a cycle of fifteen violin
sonatas and a passacaglia for solo violin. These, together with rather elusive evidences as to how
the sonatas should be performed, has called forth a huge volume of hypothetical explorations
around its spiritual and mystical contents. Apart from any speculations, it is the fruit of Biber’s
great curiosity to explore the secret knowledge linking us to the great beyond, yielding a work of
great intricacy and depth. Showcasing the complexity of a sacred book, the Rosenkranzsonaten
hide among their structure and form references to, for instance, the ‘Harmonice Mundi’ by
Johannes Kepler – the result of a lifelong search which provided for the first time scientific proof of
the planetary movements in our system, promoting a significant shift of paradigms in the
beginning of the 17th century.

It is by sharing the same fascination by these ancient secrets that choreographer Samir
Calixto will search for inspiration for his new piece, possibly to become his most intricate creation
to date. Tracing a parallel between the musical structure of the sonatas and the principles of the
Quadrivium – the study of the four applied disciplines (harmony/ composition, astronomy,
geometry and arithmetic) which has its origins traced back to Pythagoras - the choreographer will
present a piece which synthesizes his vision: a work that transcends the body to integrate and
transmit knowledge which is intrinsic to our human experience.

By developing itself around these ideas ‘THE BIBER STUDIES’ will propose a series of
examinations on the relationship between movement, music and the spiritual/‘meta-astrophysical’
contents of the work. This first phase of the studies – comprising solos by Calixto - intends to
investigate the purest relation between physicality and the compositional devices used by Biber.
Later these studies will be developed in a series of residencies and collaborations with various
dance houses/ theaters in The Netherlands and Europe with whic
h Calixto is associated, and will
culminate on the première of the complete DIE ROSENKRANZSONATEN in the spring 2025.

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