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matter affects

A strong chain of partnerships lies in the very core and philosophy of Matter Affects. These partners include dance and art institutions around Europe, and are a natural consequence of their long term working relationship with the founders of Matter Affects.

A constant dialogue between their local practices, social realities and artistic communities are some of the threads behind these relationships.

This cultural flow devises an artistic view beyond geographic borders, without ever ignoring the importance of local interaction.

Matter Affects is part of the Danse Qui Danse European Network

Danse qui Danse is an European network composed by the following partners:

Matter Affects - Zwolle (NL)

Scenario Pubblico / Compagnia Zappalà Danza – Catania (IT)
Malandain Ballet Biarritz – Biarritz (FR)
Danish Dance Theatre – Copenhagen (DK)
Dantzaz – San Sebastian (ES)
Ginasiano Dance Centre – Vila Nova de Gaia (PT)
National Moravian Silesian Theatre – Ostrava (CZ)

Steptext Dance Project - Bremen (DE)

Cie Samuel Mathieu - Toulouse (FR)

These organizations each revolve around a dance form that might be defined a strong dance, in other words a danse qui danse, dancing dance, as defined by Yves Kordain, general director of the Malandain Ballet Biarritz. This dance form focuses on movement, steeped within the work of expert dancers and choreographers that use the virtuosity and elegance of dancers' bodies as a means rather than as an end, to merge the physical with the spiritual realm.

This network aims to:

  • uphold and promote danse qui danse

  • discover new talented choreographers

  • ensure their integrated growth and development

  • enhance the dance scene

  • strengthen the network of choreographers in residence

  • create new work patterns

our partners

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