matter affects





'The idea that our reality is so huge, complex and fluid is such that we are fundamentally unable to grasp it. There is always the sense that we are only focussing on a tiny fraction of it, with our limited senses and limited intellectual abilities. It is this awareness, or abyss, that shimmers through the experience of dance. The shock that what we know and act upon is so disproportionate to the scope of Kant's Ding-an-sich.

And then the realization of a different word for the Ding-an-sich, for the All-there-is, is:



 Stacz Wilhelm, on the foundation's name

matter affects is an initiative launched by choreographer Samir Calixto and cultural entrepreneur Stacz Wilhelm.

The foundation based in The Netherlands - having the city of Zwolle as its home base - has its scope focused simultaneously on close and beyond, committed to creating dance works and collaborations of both national and international reach, developing projects of high artistic level.

It is the fruit of a mutual vision in which dance, movement and culture act as an expansive form of human interaction.


Matter truly affects.